Ms. Ashon Curvy Moreno - Class of 1988



Once a Ghost!  Always a Ghost! Mr. Clark!  Mr. Clark!               

  Yes, that was my only speaking role in the Movie Lean On Me.  Laughing to myself, no one knew I was writing a story line for the Movie.  It was a scary and exciting time in my life.  I was a new mother, and only a junior attending Eastside High School in 1987 and I was writing a script for a movie.  And they were paying me… a 16 year old…a lot of money for it!  I hope I did Mr.  Clark Proud!  

Let’s just say Lean on Me, was fiction, with a whole lot of truth wrapped around it.

2013...I am now 42, and happily married to a great man Anthony Moreno!   I work in Special Education, and I love my Job.  I now have two kids, Tavon, my son will be 28, and my Daughter Ashonta is 20.  I still have the same best friend Victoria Gurrant, more like a sister now.  We are God Mothers to each other’s daughters.  God, and Life, has been really good to me.  I have attended two, Class of 1988 reunions, and the “crew” is still the same, Smart, Funny, and Loving Parents.   I have always been proud to say that I went to Eastside High School, in Paterson, New Jersey!  The looks on people’s faces are sometimes priceless!  They say things like “Wow you turned out Good!”… I tell them We all Did!!!