Ms. Tomacinia Carter – Class of 1985



Family Matters - The Whisper Out Loud Network (WOL) was inspired by the notion that family does matter.  To that end, WOL proudly announces one of our newest shows, Family Matters.  Through divine inspiration, the host of WOL’s newest show, Family Matters truly understands the importance of family.  Tomacinia Carter, the host of Family Matters, brings more than just good looks and words to the table.  Tomacinia Carter or “T. Carter” was born in Paterson New Jersey grew up surrounded by her parents, four sisters and two brothers.  She was raised to appreciate family and learned the value of family. T. Carter was born for this role, helping and inspiring others to care about family while perfecting her own.  

After graduating from Eastside High School, she went on to graduate from Phillips Business School. Later, Tomacinia earned countless certificates in various classes required for foster parent training, and numerous other programs specializing in assisting and caring for children with special needs/disabilities. Funny thing, she doesn’t plan to stop learning, just as she doesn’t plan to stop loving her family. 

Tomacinia Battles & Beats Disability - Tomacinia was severely injured at the age of ten years old from a skating accident.  Forced to have countless surgeries until well into adulthood (e.g., hip fusion surgery, surgery on her back and femur) resulted in a lifetime of pain suffering and finally totally disability.  After working for 16 years at the United Parcel Services she was forced to retire early.  Instead of being overwhelmed due to the problems associated with her own physical disability, her purpose came through rescuing children who needed love. 

Family Matters & Tomacinia - Rescued Children - Tomacinia professed during her interview, “being a parent to my foster children and my biological son is my life’s mission.  And the only thing that really matters is family.”  The mission of the WOL Network is to inspire change in listeners, communities and families.  Family Matters is Tomacinia Carter, and soon family will matter more to you. 

The unique talk radio experience allows Tomacinia to use the show, Family Matters to develop her abilities further, and help others discuss topics related to parenting.   T. Carter’s goal in every show is to help parents and families find real answers to family challenges. 

Tomacinia decided to become a foster parent after helping another foster parent with their children, recognizing a great need for help.  Seeing the need and wanting to help, Tomacinia moved into action.  Since then, Tomacinia has worked tirelessly to rescue foster children so that they would not have to suffer.  Tomacinia has proved that disability doesn't mean “no ability.”  As a foster parent, she is also trained to provide care and attention to children with special needs or disabilities.  

Family Matters - Today! - I am a business owner of a daycare. I teach my girls how to run the daycare, as a successful business. The girls help me over the summer.  We have our own legacy but I don’t want to force it on the girls.  I would love to see that, but I want them to be happy.  Because family matters! As a parent I am making sure that my girls understand and can appreciate all life’s possibilities.  I don’t want anything to stop them from accomplishing their dreams.

Family Matters - The Future

Tomacinia plans to be a part of Family Matters for a long time.  Personally, she plans to start a recreation center for all foster children. “I just want foster children to have a place where they have an outlet, and a lot of foster parents don’t have the funds to send their children to various facilities.  This would allow them to have activities in a learning center, right in their own communities.”

“My legacy is my heart and expanding the love I give and receive, well, that is my biggest goal.”